Family Development Centre | Praesent faucibus fermentum lobortis
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Praesent faucibus fermentum lobortis

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Understanding Anger & Stress

Anger, like all emotions and even physical pain, is a warning signal that something is wrong. Anger and stress are related.  Stress fuels anger and when not properly addressed can affect relationships and ultimately your health. This workshop will enable you to understand anger as an emotion, offer practical tips on dealing with anger and to teach you to express anger safely.

Confidence Workshop

Real confidence is knowing and accepting yourself and feeling competent in your abilities.


The Confidence Workshop we run at the FDC will provide you with the building blocks to build your confidence and release your inhibitions, enabling you to follow your passion and purpose.

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Taking the first step is the hardest part of any success story, but once you take that step you are already on your way.  Take that step by registering for this course today.

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You have been created by God with a dream in your heart endowed with the talents and abilities to fulfil your dream. Your God-given dream is an inspiring picture of the future.


The Dream Workshop will enable you to clarify your dream, identify obstacles in your way and energise you to pursue your God-given dreams.